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The Forest Mensuration Branch was established in 1969. Its principal research functions are determination of growth statistics of forests and plantations and preparation of volume and yield tables for commercially important timber species. It consists of a Forest Mensuration Officer, three Forest Rangers, two Foresters/Field Assistants.

With emergence of REDD+ as a new mechanism for reducing emissions in forestry sector, the role of Forest Mensuration has broadened. Now it deals with estimation of carbon stocks and fluxes in various pools of forest ecosystems and determination of carbon sequestration rates by different forest types and tree species. In 2013, Forest Mensuration Branch of PFI started a project titled as "Carbon Stock Assessment of Forests of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" with a total Budget of Rs. 25.88 million for a period of five years. The overall aim of this project is to establish a robust and reliable baseline for carbon stocks in different forest types of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to enable it to qualify for participation in REDD-plus and other carbon trading schemes.

Ongoing Activities


  • Ground inventories for assessment of carbon stocks and carbon sequestration rates in different pools of forest ecosystems in all forest area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Collection and analysis of soil samples for determination of soil organic carbon

  • Collection and analysis of vegetation samples in the Lab for determination of oven-dry biomass

  • Establishment of permanent sample plots in different forest types for measurement and monitoring of carbon stock over time

  • Establishment of a sub-national Reference Emission Level for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Development of allometric equations, biomass expansion factors and basic wood densities for major tree species of Pakistan

  • Preparation of biomass and carbon tables for important tree species

  • Preparation of biomass/carbon maps

  • Capacity building of forest officers and other stakeholders in carbon inventories and REDD+

Significant achievements

  • Volume tables: Volume tables are essential for determination of accurate volume contents of trees of different dimensions of various species. The volume tables help in evaluation of growing stock of forests and plantations. Volume tables of all important coniferous and broad leaved species have been prepared by regression and correlation analysis techniques in both British and metric units of measurements. These volume tables have been published as publications of PFI, Peshawar and distributed among field officers for use in their practical forestry works

  • Yield tables: The tables are pre-requisite for planning and management of the forests. Preparation of yield tables of forest tree species is a lengthy procedure and requires repeated measurements of the growth of tree plots at regular intervals. Up till now interim yield tables of Shisham, E. camaldulensisand Hybrid poplar and final yield tables of chir and Kail have been prepared

  • Management studies: Forest Management studies of thinning, pruning and spacing of Chir pine, Shisham, Poplar and Eucalyptus camaldulensis have been carried out at different localities

  • Ready reckoners: Ready reckoners for use in forestry practices have been prepared for forest departments, wood-based industries, timber traders and other departments

  • Forestry inventory: Forest inventory sampling procedures for inventory of the forests were developed along with the electronic data processing (EDP) procedures on personal computer for processing inventory data. A comprehensive report giving detailed description of the inventory procedures including data processing and presentation of the results has been published

  • Trainings: More than 100 forest officers from all provincial departments have been trained in carbon inventory and REDD+



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