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Title Ephedra in Baluchistan
Author(s) Ghaus Mohammad Khattak
Designation Forest Officer, Baluchistan
Prominent because of its tufts of needle like green internodes and absence of foliage leaves, Ephedra is one of the common shrubs forming the part of ground cover of Juniper, Pinus geradiana and some of the wild olive and Pistcia khanjak forests. Found sparsely clothing the bare hillsides from 6,000’ to about 12,000’.Ephedra contains the alkaloid Ephedrine which is used as a cardiac stimulant in the treatment of Asthma and other allied diseases. The crude drug has been in use in the local Chinese medicine for the last 5,000 years. It was only in 1887 that Japanese Chemist Nagai first isolated Ephedrine from Ephedra valgaris Rich, and described its mydriatic properties. Prior to 1928 the world supply of Ephedra was from China so investigation were upon started to find out if the Indian species could replace the Chinese. No thorough investigation has been carried out to find the various species and varieties of Ephedra growing in Baluchista. According to Prof. Qazilbash of Islamia College, Peshawar, Ephedra Nebrodensis Tineo, Ephedra Vulgaris Rich, Ephedra intermedia scherenk and Meyer and Ephedra foliate Boiss, are found growing in different parts of Baluchistan. It is found that at least Ephedra nebrodenses tineo could give yield better in certain cases even then the Chinese products.