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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 1 - Year 1951; PP 41 - 41 Search
Title Forests and Forest Utilization
Author(s) S. M. Ishaq
Designation Forest Utilization Officer, Upper Topa
Forests play very vital role in the economy of any country. Large section of the population is employed in the technically advanced and industrially developed countries. But of all the forest products, wood is the most useful and versatile material that nature has placed at the disposal of man. Wood as Fuel used for production of power alcohol ,Construction of major items such as beams, rafters, ceiling and floor boards, doors and windows, Veneers and Plywood, Railway uses, Poles, Posts, Files and Pit-props, For mining work also. Packing Cases and containers, Improved wood, wood in chemical Industries the most outstanding amongst these is the rosing and turpentine produced from the pine trees likewise the barks of babul and Sal are used for producing leather of different texture, colour and quality.