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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 1 - Year 1951; PP 55 - 55 Search
Title Golpatta
Author(s) M. U. Ahmed
Designation Forest Ranger, Instructor, East Bengal Forest School,
Nipa fruticans belongs to one of the most important families of the tropics namely Palmeae. It is a palm with numerous large pinnate leaves, 15’-30’ long arising in tufts from a stout creeping rhizome. To people of the southern parts of East and West Bengal it is known as golpatta probably on account of the round dark brown fruit. Author provides the detailed study of the said species with its distribution and habit as well as Sundarbans a tract of forest likewise Silvicultural character , External Dangers, Management, Method of cutting, Regeneration , Seed collection and storage, Nursery practice, Transplanting and experiments gives the detailed touch for readers as well.