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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 1 - Year 1951; PP 67 - 67 Search
Title Some of the Important Forest Pests of the North-Western Himalayas during 1950
Author(s) M. A. H. Qadri
Designation Forest Entomologist
The forest pests of the North Western Himalayas have not yet received adequate attention of the Entomologists of the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent. Preliminary observations were however made by Stabbing (1911-14) on some pests of the conifers. Since then attention has mainly been confined either to the insects of the plains or to those of adjoining hills. The broad-leaved-deciduous trees of this part of the Himalayas excepting the Oaks have almost been completely neglected. The writer has made a survey of such pests from Rawalpindi (at the foot of this range) up to Muzaffarabad and from Abbottabad upto Murree in the Hazara districts of the N.W.F.P.