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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 2 - Year 1951; PP 122 - 122 Search
Title Forestry in Pakistan
Author(s) M. Habib Khan
Designation Chief Conservator of Forests, Azad Kashmir
Forestry is perhaps one of the least understood subjects in the country, especially in the towns. Stock of the forest wealth in Pakistan and see how far the existing forest resources can satisfy the needs of the country. Unfortunately the forest area is so small and so badly distributed that the country is veritably faced with a serious problem. We have inherited some of the worst-managed forest areas of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent, Baluchistan., N.W.F.P. and the Punjab foot-hills have been subjected to the process of denudation for over 150 years. Alarming increase in human and animal population resulted in indiscriminate cutting of trees, farming in forest land and excessive grazing. Moreover, partition of the Punjab and Bengal deprived us of all the important coniferous forests of the Punjab and Sal forests of Bengal which were largely confined to the areas that went over to India. According to experts 20% of total land area is required for any country having not industry. Obviously, the projects have to be planned and executed decades ahead of the time when the new forests will be mature to serve the purpose for which they may be grown. It is encouraging that despite of inadequate staff and funds, a start on the right lines has been made in the Punjab and N.W.F.P.