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Title Forestry in Sylhet
Author(s) K. J. Ahmed
Designation Deputy Conservator of Forests, East Bengal
The forest wealth of East Bengal, including Sylhet is not negligible. Out of a total of 53,600 square miles for the province, the area of reserved forests is about 4,600 square miles, representing 11% of the total area. The forest region is mostly confined to the southern and the south-eastern region, namely Sundarbans, Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts. Forests of Sylthet may be divided broadly into two types, namely high level type and low level type. According to the working plan of 1938 the whole forest area was worked under four working circles, namely Timber, Firewood, Bamboo, other Minor Forest Produce. But the aim of the present management is mostly confined to development and thus bring these forests to normality to form a great asset for our future generations.