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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 2 - Year 1951; PP 144 - 144 Search
Title A Note on Decorative Timbers of Pakistan and Economy in Their Use.
Author(s) Sultan Mohammad
Designation Assistant Wood Working Officer, Pakistan Forest Research Institute
There is a great scarcity of wood in Pakistan Generally, and especially of the high class, decorative timber for the manufacture of furniture, cabinet, paneling, ceiling, flooring and other interior decorations. The correct seasoning and manufacturing methods will, to a large extent, help to prevent the shrinkage, warping and splitting, but they cannot alter the difference in the strength of a solid timber across and along the grains. The only satisfactory way of obtaining a wooden board of more or less equal strength in all directions is to build it up in laminated form. By using wood in form of veneers and laminated, an economy of 60 to 70% may be brought in high class timber.