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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 4 - Year 1951; PP 310 - 310 Search
Title Ecology of Salt Range Forests
Author(s) Muhammad Said, M. Sc. (Hons.), A.I.F.C.,
Designation Deputy Conservator of Forests, Punjab
Effects of biotic interference, soil and aspect on the flora of Salt Range forests have been studied. On the basis of these factors the forests have been classified into 5 local types. Champion has classified the forest as Seral type of the Northern Thorn forest, the succession having been halted due to external interference. In the paper it has been shown that forest in a climax under the existing conditions. Sanatha has been considered as an associate of kau so far, but it has been shown that sanatha forms a definite transitional stage between phulai and Kau in the succession. In anology with Murree Hills, chil is considered by some as the climatic climax for Salt Range. But all evidence proves that Kau is the climax here and not chil.