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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 4 - Year 1951; PP 372 - 372 Search
Title Lac and its Cultivation in Sind
Author(s) Dr. Ing., S. Anwar Ali
Designation Instructor, Pakistan Forest College
Lac is a resinous encrustation produced by the female of a scale insect (LACCIFER LACCA) and is one of the most important and useful products got from insects. It consists of lac, resins, wax, albuminous matter, sugar, a water soluble dye and an alkali soluble dye. Pakistan is one of the main centers for lac production and the lac insect found is indigenous to this country. With judicious publicity, demonstration and help, the industry and the production of lac should be popularized in the country-side also. Here, it can be tried on babul as well as on so many other host plants commonly available and with the minimum labour, investment and skill it can be the source of very sizeable side income to the villagers.