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PJF VOL 2 - Issue 3 - Year 1952; PP 170 - 170 Search
Title The Relation of Forestry to Agriculture
Author(s) Y. S. Ahmad, M. A. (Cantab),
Designation Chief Conservator of Forests, Punjab
Pakistan in general, and West Pakistan in particular, produces enough food for our requirements and a handsome surplus for export. Our agriculture may not be ideal, but it is sufficient to produce our food requirements. It is indisputable that in West Pakistan, and also in some parts of East Pakistan, we do not produce sufficient firewood even to cook our food. The result is that we often have to burn cowdung which should be used in our fields and not in our hearths. Also our living conditions in the villages are extremely insanitary. The village huts have not got enough doors and windows because there is no timber available within the means of the villagers with which they can construct comfortable houses and allow sufficient light and air to enter their rooms. This undoubtedly tells upon the health of our rural population who form the back-bone of the nation. We cannot, therefore, shut our eyes and allow things to drift and follow the path trod by our neighbors in the West in the adjoining Muslim countries.