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PJF VOL 2 - Issue 4 - Year 1952; PP 265 - 265 Search
Title The Trees, Their Role in Our Economy and Our Duty
Author(s) Dr. Abdul Hamid Khan, Ph.D. (Calif.),
Designation Forest Botanist, Pakistan Forest Research Institute, Abbottabad.
It is an often expressed opinion both in public and private discussions that we are short of timber, fuel wood and that the cost of firewood is very high or it is difficult to get the required quantities. It is the need for such materials which rubs against our basic economy and we lament about is too often but ignore and overlook the more serious and everlasting effects due to the lack of trees. The wholesale cutting of trees and injudicious felling without compensatory replanting, leads to the destruction of not only the forest wealth but also leads to the erosion and corrosion of good top soil, leaving behind barren unproductive earth, cut into gullys and ravines. In order to grow trees there should be a strong conviction that by growing trees we are not only serving the national causes but also beautifying our surroundings and satisfying our aesthetic urge. In the western countries even the school children take active part in the tree propagation. Sometimes the whole school force will spend their vacation in preparing beds, seedlings, sowing and transplanting. In some schools this motto is displayed “When you cut one tree plant seven.” This disparity between our training of children and the training imparted by other advanced countries needs no comments.