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The Pakistan Journal of Forestry a Biannual Journal of Forestry and allied Subjects.


  1. Director General
  2. Director Forest Products
  3. Director Forest Education
  4. Director Biological Science Research Division
  5. Senior Research Officer/ DDT
  6. Extension Specialist
  7. Librarian


1 Inspector General of Forest, Government of Pakistan Chairman
2 Director General, Pakistan Forest Institute Member
3 Chief Conservator of Forest, Punjab Member
4 Chief Conservator of Forest, Sindh Member
5 Chief Conservator of Forest, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Member
6 Chief Conservator of Forest, Balochistan Member
7 Chief Conservator of Forest, Kashmir Member
8 Chief Conservator of Forest, Northern Areas Member
9 Director Punjab Forestry Research Institute, Faisalabad Member


  1. The Pakistan Journal of Forestry is a professional biannual publication.
  2. Subscription rates (payable in advance by crossed Postal Order/Crossed Bank Draft/Crossed Cheque, but no MONEY ORDER please). All payments are non-refundable.
  3. Annual subscription:
    In Pakistan Rs. 400.00
    Foreign US$ 56.00
    ADVERTISEMENT RATES (Annual) Excluding designing and block making.
    Full Page Rs. 1000.00
    Half Page Rs. 600.00
    Quarter page Rs. 350.00
  4. All correspondence concerning subscription advertisement and other money matters should be addressed to:
    The Secretary/ Editor
    Pakistan Journal of Forestry Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar 25130, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
    Tel. No: 00-92-91-9221369
    Fax. No: 00-92-91-9221233
  5. Opinions expressed by contributors in their papers are entirely their own and are not necessarily shared by the Editor or the Government. However, the Editor reserves the right to withhold publication of submitted papers or to make excisions or condense articles before publication.
  6. All communications must be authenticated by the name and the address of the writer being communicated to the Editor whether intended for publication or not. Usual conventions of the Journal have been printed on the inside back cover of each issue for the guidance of authors.
  7. No payment will be made for articles which are accepted for publication in PJF. Change of address should be communicated promptly.