Pakistan Forest Institute
Peshawar, Pakistan

Forest Products Research Division (DFPRD)

The history of Forest Products Research in Pakistan dates back to 1947 when the Government of Pakistan started education in forestry at the Pakistan Forest Institute at Faisalabad. Forest Utilization Branch was established in it at the same time. It was the first research branch of the Institute, which consisted of a Forest Utilization Officer and two junior officers at that time. In 1969, this branch was upgraded to a division level to be headed by a Director, with the provision of facilities for education and research in physico-mechanical and anatomical properties of wood, wood seasoning, wood preservation and composite wood products. In 1980, facilities for education and research in pulp and paper and forest engineering were added and a field station was established at Shinkiari, Mansehra, through a development project assisted by the German government. Presently, the Division consists of a Director and has a number of branches dealing with research and education in different disciplines of wood and wood products and forest engineering. The main functions of the Division are given below:

  • To plan, organize and supervise research and training in Forest Products and Forest Engineering.
  • To provide technical advisory services to the provincial/regional forest departments, Government departments and wood industries and farmers on all matters relating to wood harvesting, marketing and utilization.

Main Branches of (FRPD)