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Peshawar, Pakistan

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PJF VOL 1 - Issue 1 - Year 1951; PP 62 - 62 Search
Title Pakistan Forest College and Research Institute
Author(s) S. A. A. Anvery
Designation P. Ft. S. Director
This article gives brief description about forestry education and research since 1947 to 1950 of Pakistan.when the first batch of (1947-49 course) the students passed out the first convocation of the Institution which was held on March, 31, 1949 and addressed by the Honorable Mr. Abdul Sattar Pirzada, Minister for Food and Agriculture, Government of Pakistan. The difficulties experienced in setting up even a very small research organization from a scratch were much greater than those encountered in the case of the college, but thanks to the sympathetic and encouraging attitude of the authorities, and the will to succeed on the part of most of the workers. We have been successful in establishing an organization which can attend to many of our simpler problems in the field of forest research.